Amy’s Second Child

2nd child – 2012 – Elizabeth ‘Ellie’ Lynn

Our first child was four and begging us for a sister. My husband had joined the military & we were financially ready to have a second child. Getting pregnant was not easy but it happens naturally. I wasn’t working at the time because we had just moved to North Carolina from Maryland and finding out I was pregnant, there was no reason to find work. 

This pregnancy was just as easy as the first one, other than living in a 3rd-floor apartment with no elevator & I was eating everything in sight. I gained 55 pounds! 

Our lease for our apartment was up in May and we were moving from our off-post apartment to an on-post duplex and the Army wouldn’t help move us the few miles. I was a week overdue walking up & down 3 flights of stairs to load the moving truck. My in-laws were helping us move while also waiting for me to have the baby. My due date was in May with my induction date being June 2nd. All of our stuff was moved into our new home & I had turned in the keys to our old apartment on May 29th. That night, I went into a cleaning frenzy at our new house while having some cramps. 

At about 10 pm, my father-in-law said that my cramping was actually contractions & I needed to get to the hospital. I was in denial but went to the hospital anyway. At 2:22 am on May 30th, I had little Miss Ellie (with no epidural). I’m not going to sugar-coat it, I had Mexican food the day before & I totally pooped during delivery. It happens. Also, after having a baby, they force you to use the restroom whether you want to or not. I was struggling to keep myself upright & my nurse asked if I was alright. I started to cry, saying I couldn’t wipe myself and without missing a beat, she grabbed toilet paper and wiped me. “No problem,” she said and helped me back to bed. That was a defining moment for me, making me realize that there’s no reason to be embarrassed & that nurses are the best thing in the world.

Side story: I chose to nickname the baby Ellie b/c one afternoon I watched Up followed by Ice Age 2 & both girls in those movies are named Ellie. I cried like a baby that day.

 Apparently, there was a full moon the night I had her because the hospital was PACKED. By 6am (less than 4 hours after having her), they had me attend the ‘exit meeting’ for me to leave b/c this was my 2nd child & they didn’t have enough room for all the women having babies.

 I was able to nurse Ellie for about 5 months until I got Mastitis in my left breast. I can honestly say that that was just as painful as delivering a baby.

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