Amy’s Hospital Birth

1st child – 2007 – Taylor Addison

Jeff and I got engaged to be married in July 2006. We lived in TN & the wedding was to be in our home state of Iowa. The date for the wedding was 7/7/07 (conveniently on a Saturday) so we hurried and booked early b/c a million other people were to be married that same day.

I had been told by 3 different doctors that I would never have children because of several different issues I have, one of which is abnormal cells on my cervix that may turn cancerous someday. I still used birth control pills to try regulating my menstrual but they kept making me feel ill & I change brands occasionally. Sometime shortly after Jeff’s proposal, I started a new pill, but I had a serious allergic reaction to it that landed me in the hospital & I gave up pills altogether.

A few months later (October, I think) Jeff’s parents came to visit and took us out to Olive Garden, where no dish can do me wrong. Every single plate they brought out made me about vomit. Jeff’s mom made the joke that maybe I was pregnant. I went home and took several at-home tests, all but one being negative. I took myself to the doctor & sure enough, I was pregnant. They couldn’t determine from an ultrasound how far along I was and I had been losing weight instead of gaining. They guessed I was 3 months along. On February 14th (Valentine’s Day), I had an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. When we found out it was a boy, my husband claimed he had Super Sperm (men!). By the way, trying to hold in pee while waiting for an ultrasound is unbearable. Our lease in TN was up in May so we moved home to Iowa. While packing, I found an unused pregnancy test & for the fun of it, I used it. It still came up negative.

I transferred my job to Iowa & worked non-stop until my due date in June, having no side effects from the pregnancy other than the one time at Olive Garden and the normal week-long sleep coma in the first trimester. 

 I was 2 weeks overdue when they brought me in for induction (I had only gained 15 pounds). I came in at 6 am, nothing really started happening until maybe 6 pm. I wasn’t dilating, contractions were starting to be unbearable and I gave in to the pain. I went against my birth plan and asked for an epidural. After they gave it to me, I used the restroom, & before laying down, they wanted to check my dilation. I had gone from 3cm to 10 cm within 10 minutes. The epidural had yet to kick in and I was pushing. Three pushes later and he was out at 7:46 pm. My mother-in-law cut his umbilical cord & they hauled him away.

He was tiny for being 2 weeks overdue, at only 7 pounds. The doctor held up my placenta, showing me the giant white calcium deposits on it. He told me that the placenta was ‘dying’ & that the baby was probably closer to 1-month over-due & probably wasn’t getting enough nutrition. 

While the doctor was sewing me up, the epidural kicked in & I don’t remember anything after that. My husband took pictures of me with my baby and walking around, I don’t remember any of it. I swore to never have another epidural again.

Taylor Addison was born on June 26, 2007. Jeff and I got married 12 days later, on July 7th. We moved back to TN in October! Life is crazy!

I am sad to say that between working full time and going to school full time, I had to quit nursing in October after only 3½ months because I just couldn’t balance all of it.

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