Simply The Best

This is awesome! My daily maid came and made the wardrobe looks fantastic! Hahah for so many months it has been in deep cluttering view, and simply in an hour it turned out, neat! I cant stand messy wardrobe and yet i hate folding clothes especially my kids’ clothes. Fortunately one of my daily maids is good at folding and organising the wardrobe, and here how my wardrobe looks like now! Yeay!!!!

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Shop For The Little Guy

Finally, today after a meeting with the client i rushed myself to meet my other half and the kiddos at the Mothercare Subang Parade. I promised myself that today i have to get at least few newborn shirts and rompers for the lil guy. Also i need to get disposable breatspads and some other items needed during confinement. I never this late preparing for my baby arrival. I was very busy for the pass weekends with the events and have not get any chance to look for our newborn stuffs. I barely standing when i was at the shop just now and lucky the girl at the Mothercare was so helpful and understood my condition. I took few rompers and pjs for his first 3 months and i guess i am done at the moment. I may get another when he is a bit bigger. As always, the sisters will get at least one toy for each of them. The cost of the toys are almost the total of the items i bought for the new baby!! Ayayai!! Headache!

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So tired. Pain all over my body, and cant sleep. Already near 2 am, and here i am terkebil-kebil in the dark. After my Note ran out battery now changing to my iphone. Read few blogs about pregnancy and birth experience made me recall all my experiences with my two precious babies. Halamak! What you’ve been thinking?? It’s near to the date already and i have still a lot to do list waiting for the check mark.

First i was browsing about the rate, even though i already knew DEMC is charging almost RM10,000 for a csection. Then i was reading about the experience these people had when giving birth at DEMC, which also i already knew, since Qlea was born there 5 years ago! And the blog browsing continued from csection to normal birth and again it gets into my nerves!!! Oh dear, please dear this is your 3 rd baby and you should’ve known the drill ok! Dang!!!

Well honestly this time around we are preparing ourselves for delivery at DEMC with Dr Zamri. He has been our Gynae for almost 7 years. I knew him when i was seeking for infertility treatment back then in year 2006 when Demc was still located at Section 9, Shah Alam. I forced my husband to come back for good from Dubai, just because i need Dr Zamri to monitor my precious pregnancy from beginning. I was conceived with my 1st baby after 9 yrs of marriage in Dubai. I only trust Dr Zamri at that moment to ensure I delivered a healthy baby. Well, i did.

When i had my 2nd child, i had to be rushed to an emergency csection and i at that time decided to go to Umra Specialist instead. I knew if my husband were there with me he will bring me straight to Dr Zamri. But knowing how the DEMC will charge upon any emergency cases, i was that time driving alone with a kid and a sister in law decided to go for the 2 nd option. Umra is also well known for the Hospital Bersalin which the packages offered are cheaper than DEMC. Since it has been personally operated by the Gynaes themselves so they are almost the most chosen hospital among residents nearby Shah Alam. Their services are very good, since my 1 st experience in the old building Demc was not that great. I only chose Demc because of Dr Zamri. I was sponged bath by nurses at the Umra on my 2 nd day stay, after i gave birth, and was cleaned throughly from head to toe. Surprisingly was done by few senior nurses, and i felt so refreshing without all the messy smelly dried blood. This was not done in Demc even i paid RM6,000! Umra’s paed and gynae also encouraged breastfeeding immediately after i gave birth and since Eryna considered as pre matured baby, my breast milk was quite difficult to suppress but eventually it came. Umra total bill was only at RM3500 and yet i was very satisfied with the service given. Only that you have to bring all on your own and even have to buy your own food. I came rushing with no preparation, so i didn’t bring anything for the baby or me, but still they did provide me with the basic necessities at no extra charge at all.

For the 3rd baby since it is gonna be the last baby for us before we seal off the factory i do need Dr Zamri to check in and out the condition of my womb. I had severe womb ruptured during Eryna’s that caused heavy bleeding and emergency Csect at Umra. And since this pregnancy is too close with the previous episode, Dr Zamri advised us to prepare for delivery as soon as the pregnancy reaches 36 weeks. This to avoid pressure to the old wound that might cause another bleeding. I just agree to whatever decision made by Dr Zamri even though he was at first against my will to seal off the tube. I told him i had enough with 3 pregnancies and being pregnant at 36 years old is not an enjoyable episode for me. I guess if i have another 4th pregnancy soon, i will be half dying!! It’s tiresome, the energy of having to care for the other 2 toddlers and at the same time being pregnant, dreadful!

For the 3rd baby, he is gonna enjoy the best service given at the new Demc, and i already lined up few requirements i need the nurses to follow (this due to my previous experiences when i had Qlea) and yes i pay for the best service, please do serve me well. I am their loyal patron for almost 7 years, our kids paediatrician is Dr Roliza and she has been serving us since Qlea was a day old.

Once i receive a confirmation date I will book a suite for me and the kids to stay. Well i will update how the new hospital rank after i give birth soon by end of February. Wish me well ya!

The Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Well this place received many great reviews especially on the sambal and the ayam goreng. So last nite we drove there and in the heavy rain we kept our determination to find this place. We found it after several attempt of finding the right jalan 21/11b pj. Well the sambal is nice also the ayam goreng. I love the ice lemon tea, or teh o ais limau. Sedap! Well above all it deserves the great reviews la. Memang sedap!

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Yup! I am sometimes admit i do have bipolar personality where sometimes i feel at my worst depression, with the work load, house chores and kids’ tantrums. I guess many of normal typical moms will feel the same way, especially when they do have too many things to cope.

Only to some narrow minded people will think bipolar personality is something weird to admit well if you are too stupid to look or read medical journal of course you will make fun of this, instead of understanding it. Maybe they do have perfect life (duuhh) that makes them think bipolar is only happen to some weirdo. Well we are all human. Having depression or mood swing is normal. Who are we to put a smile 24 – 7 and pretend that we are enjoying our life all the times. As human being it is normal to feel sad scare or even mad at something. We are human. Not a display ornaments. Sometimes we are at our joyous moment and some other time we feel at the lowest we can be. We cry and mourn with no reason, and only because we just remembered that we miss our kids, or even we miss our hometown. Being sad is normal, being depress is what a human should feel, being glad, happy, anger, are all the feelings we are all should have.

Myself as a mom, i have too many things in my head and sometimes i do need to break free and ease my mind from all the mess around me. I cant escape it, only have to accept it and heal myself for a better person in me. So i can refresh myself and be the fresher and energetic mom the next day. I will try to release all my bad energy and depression, and trying very hard to be rational again. It’s tough but i know it is part of life.

Hey you two weirdos, maybe you can throw me the vibrator so i can make my life more vibrant perhaps?? Hahahaha! Well why not if it helps to boost up the sex life eh?? And of course one of many ways to release the depression!

I am accepting my weakness, so please do throw me all the rubbish you’ve got! The joke is all on you!!

My Precious Babies

I am glad i have these pictures of them when they were juz around 6-7 weeks old in my tummy. Remind me of how happy i was when i knew i was carrying them and gonna share the same 9 months journey together. These are my babies, and they are more than the world to me they are my universe and my all.

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Jangan bercakap kalau tidak tahu..

Jangan bercakap kalau tidak tahu.  Jangan mengutuk meski pun hati tidak suka.  – Dr. Tengku Asmadi bin T. Mohamad

Beberapa tahun dahulu saya mendengar kaset ceramah Hj. Samsuri, ketika itu beliau mengupas satu hadis yang menjelaskan bagaimana kita tidak akan mati selagi tidak berlaku atas kita, keluarga kita, anak cucu kita apa yang kita kata, kutuk atau hina orang lain.

Kebetulan, banyak berlaku depan mata saya sendiri, isteri yang begitu menentang poligami, hari ini dia dimadukan.  Dia minta suaminya ceraikan, lalu diceraikan.  Akhirnya menjadi isteri ke-3 kepada orang lain.

Ada pula kes, suami begitu menentang lelaki yang berpoligami, ketika itu usianya 30an.  Hari ini usianya 40an, oh! rupanya sudah pasang satu lagi.  Dia lupa kata-katanya.  Tetapi saya tidak lupa.

Ada seorang ibu berkata pada seorang isteri muda yang suaminya berbeza usia.  Katanya, ruginya usia muda kamu dapat suami berbeza usia.  Terguris hati isteri muda itu.  Hari ini, baru diketahui, rupanya anaknya berkahwin dengan lelaki yang lagi berusia.

Oleh itu, lebih baik diam dari berkata-kata yang menyakitkan hati manusia lain.  Kita semua ada anak, ada suami dan isteri.  Apa yang berlaku pada orang jangan anggap tidak akan tertimpa pada kita.

Note : Thank you Dr, this will somehow remind me to always be grounded and know myself when, where and what to speak.


Preloved Quinny Zapp Xtra

Here is the lightest stroller Quinny Zapp Xtra with 5 positions recline able seat. I love this very much especially when we were travelling, fits nicely in the trunk and also convenient enough to carry on the plane. Im selling this because I am gonna get new Quinny Zapp Xtra 2013 the newest stroller for my youngest baby. I bought the previous Xtra when Eryna was born in 2010, and i always get the newest stroller for the newborn. Every newborn deserves new stroller :) since now Eryna already own a brand new Stokke Xplory, so i am gonna sell this current Xtra for the new Xtra instead. Any takers? I am selling it at RM900 or less. Please email me for real pictures ya.

20130112-031530 AM.jpg

Preloved Quinny Buzz 2011

I am selling our Quinny Buzz 2011. In fact i have 2 of the Buzz at home to let go. both are in red. Still in great condition and not in heavy duty usage since i have more than 2 strollers at home for the kids. I have to let go these since it is no longer convenient to have single bulky strollers. I have 2 kids and soon another is on his way, so i am so gonna need double stroller to able me to carry both of the youngest at least. My stokke xplory is something for me to keep and Quinny Zapp Xtra also gonna have to let go to give way to new stroller. So any takers? Pls do email me at or sms me to 0133713515 for the price. I may let go at RM1400 or less depends. I have 2 ya Quinny Buzz to let go!

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