Ayam Masak Kicap

Aik! Masak Ayam Kicap pun nak blog kan jugak ker? some might say..I don’t care! LoL! Don’t like it? So what?? :)

Actually, this is just to fit my 30 minutes foodie, which is for me the simplest food, and the comfort food, when you are tired of having complicated outside food. I have the dish for my whole life. Sometimes, the food we ate, remind us our past and childhood, which triggers all the memories kept inside. As a mother, we tend to keep the tradition alive. This ayam masak kicap is not as fancy as any restaurant serve, but just a ‘mom cooked dish’ that would be appreciated by your kids, in their next generation.

Ingredients :

Chicken, turmeric, salt, 1 inch Cinnamon stick, ginger, tamarind paste, chopped onion, soy sauce (kicap kipas udang :)), chillies

Fried the chicken (powdered the chicken with turmeric and salt), put at one side, then saute the chopped onion, with chilies, ginger and cinnamon stick, add the fried chicken, add the soy sauce, tamarind paste and half cup of water. Add a pinch of sugar, and let it heat up for 5-8 minutes. And you are done!

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