Gulai Ikan Kering

Gulai Ikan Kering

This curry is one of my favorite. We called it Gulai Ikan Kering (Dried Salted Fish Curry). It is best served with omelet and hot rice, with few chillies to add the kick.

My hubby is a curry lover, but I only cook it once a while when he is home. Not that often, This curry to some people they will use coconut milk to add the smooth of the curry, but I will exclude it as for me the curry without coconut milk is tastier.

This is very easy resipi actually, and for others who thought cooking curry is only to the professionals, well you are wrong! :)

Ingredients :

Fish Curry paste (powder), curry leaves, mixed herbs (easily from any local shop), tamarind, blended onion & garlic, oil, dried salted fish (since this is salted, so no need to add any salt into ur curry), eggplant

Saute the blended onion & garlic, with herbs and the curry leaves. The mix the curry paste with water, pour it into, and cook it in small fire. When it boils, add tamarind, about 1/2 teaspoon (if you are using concentrate paste) add more water, not too many, as enough for you want the gravy. After it boils, add the dried fish, and few minutes after, add the cut eggplant. Let it boil, and wallahhh!! Done! Your very own curry!

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